July 9

Exploring the North East coast of Scotland


Having walked from Shropshire to Ponte Caffaro (Lombardy Italy) in 2012 and from Shropshire to Inverallochy (Aberdeenshire) in 2016 we think, Janet and I, that we should continue the line northwards.

This all fits in quite nicely with our circumstances. Having sold our house and found nothing yet which takes our fancy we are based in the North East of Scotland so this is as good a time as any to get going. The current spell of very hot, dry, weather will almost certainly come to an end when we set off.



People have said that it is possible to stroll all the way from here to John o’Groats by following the coast.  Let’s hope so.

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  1. By Anne Weller on

    Oh what joy! I can stroll with you both again. Your travel journals are a real treat.

  2. By Alison and Rob Clark on

    Good luck on your journey! I look forward to reading your adventures!

  3. By Royce Mitchell on

    Hello you two! Delighted to be able to follow your every step. Onwards and upwards, really hope that the good weather holds. Good luck! xx

    1. By Mike Higgins (Post author) on

      Hello Rpyce. Today’s weather looks a little mixed as there appears to be threat of storms. Exciting stuff!

  4. By Rachel May on

    Hmm….. Trying to follow this blog, but can’t find the follow button… Am I being silly?

    1. By Mike Higgins (Post author) on

      Hi Rachel, if you click on the comments thing at the bottom of each post there is a follow button I think.


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