July 25

Day 1 Inverallochy to Rosehearty

Off at last! A wonderful sunny day again today. Up here the temperature is pleasant and the wind is moderate.

Last night we reviewed our plans for this week’s stint and toddled off to bed. In bed we enjoyed a few minutes scanning bus timetables as we sipped our goodnight dram. We intended to walk, without packs, using public transport to return us to Inverallochy and a comfy bed at the end of each day for the next four days. The idea being to ease our ancient persons into the hardships of the trail before having to make our way burdened by mighty rucksacks. Imagine our despair when it became apparent that our leisurely plans were in tatters. In its great wisdom Stagecoach Scotland has no buses between the villages of North East Scotland. Residents and strollers alike are reduced to Shanks’s Pony. A frantic search for accommodation ensued.

However, we set off this morning with hope in our hearts for Rosehearty.
LeavingLeaving home.


We returned almost straightaway. The observant will notice a change in Janet’s appearance.


The monument is a tribute to all those who have lost their lives at sea and to those who are left behind.


The path towards Fraserburgh is quite inviting but does peter out at the Waters of Philorth. At high tide this is a mighty river but easily waded at low tide.


Janet is demonstrating the ease of transit.

Fraserburgh harbour

Fraserburgh Saltoun Square where we slaked our thirsts before carrying onwards.

There is a very nice asphalt path leading from Broadsea towards Sandhaven.which is just about visible to the left of this photo, the path not Sandhaven which is invisible in this photo being some distance away.

At the back of the fish factories and recycling centre the lovely asphalt path turns sharply left and joins the road. We didn’t fancy that very much and spotted a possible, less travelled, path behind a fence. The notice by the fence implied that the “cliff edge” was unstable but had no effect on our intrepid souls.

Sadly, although the less travelled path was stable and a good idea, we had to join the main road to Sandhaven eventually. There is a very nice footway however. It is long and straight so is a bit tedious. At least having the sea on the right prevented any navigational problems.


Arriving at Rosehearty we found a shop selling IrnBru for me and a cornetto for Janet. A good day all in all.

The patent skirt saver was not needed today. A good job really as I didn’t take it with us.

Here it is, day 1 in a nutshell.

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  1. By Janet May on

    The map of day 1 – not quite a nutshell – we walked out past Cairnbulg harbour, but the Satmap was being lazy and it shows us taking a short cut which we definitely did not take.

  2. By Sue Jelleyman on

    Looks like a lovely day for a lovely stroll through interesting scenery! May the future days be equally rewarding ! I may well take a wee dram tonight in solidarity!

    1. By admin on

      The weather really is perfect here at the moment. Pleasantly warm with no irritating insects. I am enjoying it because it is so unusual. Enjoy your dram the necht. I intend to have one too with a few squares of 90% Lindt chocolate?

  3. By Sarah Kirsten on

    Well, Mum, you may have forgotten your walking shoes, but at least you remembered your sun glasses this time.

    1. By Janet May on

      I’m glad I remembered my walking shoes before I had gone many yards. I don’t think I would have been very comfortable by the end of the day.

  4. By Miss 'ughes on

    Glad to see the airing of one off the strolling skirts. Jack and I have just enjoyed Balloch and mostly the Loch.

    1. By admin on

      Lovely. We didn’t need the patent skirt saver yesterday too.

    2. By Janet May on

      The strolling skirt was your very own. They are so brilliant for walking, and I have attachments buttoned on to carry my map, camera, and phone (which has the download of all relevant maps – very useful). Balloch looks interesting, though I have to admit I had never heard of it until you mentioned it here.


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