July 27

Day 3 Pennan to Banff

Having showered myself and my small clothes, eaten a nice piece of salmon and the remains of Janet’s pate, with a G&T in hand I feel restored enough to begin.

I would recommend the Pennan Inn to anyone. It is small and very friendly. Indeed at breakfast this morning I felt confident enough to demonstrate Janet’s patent waterproof kilt. It is possible to go from absorbent to rainproof in less than ten seconds. The others, enjoying their breakfasts, applauded Janet’s inventive skills as I twirled.

P1070775It is unusual to have a photo of the two of us together but a Dutch couple passing by took a snap.

The hill out of Pennan is rather steep. Our old car could only manage the ascent in bottom gear. Thankfully the Scottish breakfast was energy rich.
P1070776We were fair pechin’ when we got to the top.

I shall dwell on the first bit of the stroll because it was enjoyable. We met a number of people strolling about like us and enjoyed a good old clech with them.

The two ladies in the photo below though were the real surprise. We saw them approaching in the distance and when we were abreast of them we started to say “Hello” but they surprised us by saying “You’re Mike and Janet aren’t you?” It appears that they had stumbled on this blog and had strolled along to see if were on our way.

The footpath to the beautiful village of Crovie was quite easy to find and navigate. I wouldn’t risk it without a map though.

Apart from a very short stretch of encroaching whins the path was a delight.

The bay. It is always a delight to visit Crovie. Outside the houses are handcarts so that people can barrow in their groceries. I’m not sure how you would get a large IKEA cupboard down there though.


There is a lovely footpath which connects Crovie to Gardenstown (Gamrie)

It was in Gardenstown that we made a rather silly mistake. We should have strolled to the end of the bay and joined the footpath up the cliff. Had we done this the rest of the day would probably been as enjoyable as the beginning. Instead we struggled up the road out of Gamrie and onto a minor ish road. We were hoping to be able to leave this tarmacadamed tyrant but it was not to be. We followed it all the way to MacDuff.

The sun was baking. Heat rose up from the road. The powerful wind was dry and arid. We marched on. There was nowhere to sit. The hours passed. We plodded forward, one foot in front of the other, no respite in sight. Then, we happened upon a refuge from the endless toil.

I’ll readily admit that the above isn’t everyone’s idea of a picnic area but we had lost all pretentions of grandeur by this time and the slightly delapidated wall gave our weary legs well needed rest. I cracked the shell of my last hard boiled egg and drank a few drops of water. Bliss! I have just remembered. We were sprayed with something which tasted suspiciously like cow poo as we rested our weary limbs.

P1070819 MacDuff is MacDuff and has the famous Tairlair swimming pool, I am led to believe.

Onwards then to Banff. Tomorrow to Portsoy.

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  1. By Sue Jelleyman on

    As ever your fame goes before you. Eavesdropping on your unexpect encounters is such a treat!

    1. By Mike Higgins (Post author) on

      It was lovely to meet them and also the delightful German family trying to find the coastal path plus all the others stumbling about in the Scottish countryside.

  2. By Anne Weller on

    How lovely to meet your unknown audience. For us readers too. Crovie looks beautiful – but the hills are so steep! Go well.

  3. By Gabry on

    Mi sembra che stiate segnando sentieri quasi inesistenti! Siete proprio una forza! È bellissimo seguirci sui blog.. è un po’ come essere con voi…senza passare nell’erba altaxxx

    1. By Mike Higgins (Post author) on

      Grazie Gabry, ci sembra anche che i sentieri sono inesistenti. Ci piace il senso che tutto è un avventura.

  4. By Linda on

    Look forward to reading your blog everyday. I live in Canada but have been to Scotland many times. My husband was born in St. Combs. I always visit Pennan when there…..my favourite place to visit!

    1. By Mike Higgins (Post author) on

      How lovely to hear from you. Janet’s family is from Inverallochy and St Combs so the area is very dear to us too.

  5. By Sarah Kirsten on

    Wow, you’re famous! I love the idea of people setting out just to meet you on your walk as you pass through their area.
    I have to say, I don’t envy you that hill out of Pennan, although the hills around Crovie look pretty steep (and longer) too.


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