July 28

Day 4 Banff to Portsoy


Despite the dire warning on Banff harbour wall we managed to negotiate the perimeter without falling in. The skies turned a delightful Scottish sky colour after breakfast and promised rain. We checked out of our accommodation and felt the beginnings of a shower so donned our rainproof kilts in a trice and set out.


Rainwear is quite hot so when the rain stopped we took it off. Then put it back on again. Then took it off. Then put it back on again etc. This state of affairs lasted for about 45 minutes until good old Scottish rain set in with a vengeance and saved us the bother of repeated quick changes for the rest of the day.


The route leads nicely around the bay on a sort of promenade and ends up at a caravan park. The stroller strolls through the throng of tents, caravans and mobile homes eventually arriving at the small bridge with a label announcing that our old friend from a few years ago, cycle route 1, will lead us onwards. Cross the bridge and turn sharp right.


From the main Inverness road Whitehills looks as though it is just a caravan park but is in fact a delightful small fishing town.

Following the shoreline the OS map appears to think that the path should continue beyond the village of Whitehills but three houses appeared to be where once there was a path. Good old cycle route 1 came to the rescue, as it has done many times before, and led us to a nice, largely traffic free lane.
The stroll was uneventful really. Navigation was very easy and we arrived in Portsoy in time to eat our bacon and sausage salvaged from breakfast.

We even had the pleasure of a nice, newly mown, lane down which to stroll into Portsoy.

On arriving at Portsoy we hurpled down to our accommodation, took off our rucksacks, rainwear, shoes and socks and flaked out for an hour.
After reviving ourselves in the Station Hotel with a glass of something and some nosh we are ready for the off again tomorrow. Tomorrow’s stroll is quite short. it is a bit like today but might mean a bit of shuffling down the main Inverness road so that could be less than fun. After that though we will be on footpaths for ages and ages.

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  1. By Alison and Rob Clark on

    Your research is excellent in finding routes. We hope the journey to Inverness is a good one, the views are spectacular along that coast. Best wishes for tomorrow!

  2. By Sue Jelleyman on

    Sounds a straightforward sort of day for you two today, bar the intermittent weather/dressing period early on. It sounds like you have settled easily into your strolling pattern – may the road continue reasonably steady and easygoing for you!


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