July 30

Day 6 Cullen to Portgordon

One of the the nice things about these perambulations which we undertake is the chats over breakfast which we enjoy with fellow guests. Most people seem to like a bit of a chat but are a little reluctant to get the ball rolling. The conversations are always amusing and informative.

After breakfast at the delightful Royal Oak I set off out from our room pack on back and ready for the off giving a cheery farewell to our host and other guests. I felt that something was missing and realised that I had left my poles in the bedroom. The usual banter greeted my embarrassed return as I had also left my sandals and Janet in the bedroom.

The path begins by climbing up some stairs to the wonderful Cullen viaduct, of which I have no photo so you must visit Cullen in order to enjoy its majesty. We have driven under this magnificent structure many times on our way to visit one of Janet’s school friends but I never imagined that we would stroll over it

The view from the viaduct was enchanting this morning/

The path has suffered a little erosion in parts. Nothing which would intimidate the average stroller or cyclist but the powers that be had attempted to protect the foolhardy by erecting a barrier. The local strollers had cast aside these warnings and we were free to continue.



Buckie where we rested in Pozzi. Having never visited Buckie before I was surprised at the shipbuilding enterprises everywhere in the harbour area.

Those of you who have enjoyed AirBnB will know that one can’t arrive before a certain time. We arrived rather earlier than that and found the excellent Lennox Inn in Portgordon to be open.
The congenial customers and landlady gave us handy hints about walking towards Lossiemouth as well as loads of other amusing stuff. The beer went down very well too. A good end to a very easy day of walking.
From the point of view of ease of walking today has certainly been the easiest so far. Tomorrow will be much longer and may involve a river. An exciting prospect.

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  1. By Sue Jelleyman on

    Fabulous scenery – the towns/villages look quaint though perhaps suitably dour for a granite-y landscape? And what’s not to like about predominately unspoiled coastal vistas – especially given the current weather.

    I stroll by proxy – always love a good journey!

  2. By Sarah Kirsten on

    Gosh, that little cove looks absolutely beautiful!
    Glad to hear that you didn’t abandon Mum in Cullen, although I assume that unlike your sandals and poles, Mum was unlikely just to sit there waiting for your return.

  3. By Stuart May on

    Just caught up with you both – hope you’ve had a good day today and crossed the Spey!

    1. By Janet May on

      Hello Stuart, it looks as if you had a good holiday. We had a great day today, and I enjoyed crossing the Spey very much.

  4. By Billy cardno on

    Great to watch the two of you on your journey. It is almost as if you were here in our room as I listen to your gentle murmurings and observations of all you encounter. Happy journey. We will be with you in spirit. Billy and Caroline.

    1. By Mike Higgins (Post author) on

      Hello Billy and Caroline.
      We are sitting in a pub in Lossiemouth at the moment. A fish pie should arrive at any moment.

    2. By Janet May on

      Hello Billy and Caroline. We’re enjoying our daily walks enormously, though my legs have been feeling their age some days!


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